Definition of: Stalinist CommunismEdit

The Soviet Union developed from it's Bolshevik fundamentals into a Stalinist bureaucracy, Joseph Stalin manifested his own idea of communist by developing the idea of communist while using the growth of Socialism and so that the people would become accepting to Communist by the use of terror and authoritarianism. Under Stalinism there is oppressive collectivization which is a agriculture system of revoking the ability for peasant farmers to havest crops and then sell them, instead peasant farmers were to work for the state by harvesting the crops and having them divided among the populace. Stalinism also advocates rapid industrialization to expand the class of the workers. Industries being the main reason for the creation of a working class in the first place, becoming a necessary requirement for the build of socialism.

Stalinist Communist would take violent measures towards bourgeoisie society by attempting to eradicate it, by conclusion Stalinist Communist is a form of using terror to enforce and speed up the development of Communism by having people accept it oppressively. Stalin was mentally ill of paranoia, insanity and feeling that he was always being targetted, any anti-state or anti-Stalin talk among individuals and those individuals were removed and deemed as enemies of the state. This being justification that this is not the pure workings of socialism or communism, more than a political failure than an economic one.