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Definition of: RepublicEdit

A republic is a form of government in which no monarchy exists, the power rests with the people of the country, whether it be direct or representative democratic rule. Leaders are elected in a Republic rather than inherited or appointed by a superior executive, this providing the power for the populace to choose who to represent them. In a Republic, executive powers are limited to constituion and are restraint by law. In a Republic, laws can only be passed through parliamentry means when legislation is produced by the executive. A republic would also enable popular suffrage in which the people are granted the power to vote the representatives that entitle their demands. However that being said there is forms of Republic governments in which there is oligarchy and aristocracy in which only some rule within power which can exist.

A socialist republic would be highly anti-monarchy by principle however not does not mean Socialist-monarchism is not a hybrid ideology. Socialist Republics are a proletarian form of democracy which are formed from the majority of the time by a revolution. Theocracy and monarchism is strongly opposed by the principles of Marxist Socialism as they are saw as forms of dictatorial rule over the majority class (proletariat or working class).