Independant Times Newspaper of 28th July 1960 (2014)Edit

Esterian/Katatlo Agreement of Katatlo OccupationEdit

General-Secretary, leader of Esteria Soldier Collencze on the 28th of July had requested a meeting with the Katatloan leader known as Maid. During the meeting there was discussion with the recent events of threats delivered to the Katatloan administrative. The Esterian Forces were given the go ahead to enter Katatloan territory and set up a Forward Operating Base to establish alliance occupational control in the Katatloan land. This is a safeguard firewall of military support agreed upon the both leaders and also has granted the jurisdiction of authority with Katatlo for the time-being until compromise has been alternated. At this moment in time Esterian Troops have been relayed the messaged of advance into Katatlo with passive approach to occupy in a friendly manner. This has also been refered to as many analysis as Esterian strategical move to get a foothold advantage over the Kryturian Front but this was before the collapse of the Fascist regimen until it became a Constitutional Monarchy.

The Fall of Fascism in KryturiaEdit

Leader Henry Derse of Kryturia had suddenly resigned his post and fled after conclusion to realising his dysfunctional regimen, his administrative was lacking and dissolved. The position was quickly taken as a military junta by Commissioner Reinhold who had then established a Populist Dictatorship in the first run. Reinholds structures of government developed and led to establishing himself as the Kaiser Reinhold creating a Constitutional Monarchy. The rise of military personnel and weapons production had then sprung within Kryturia's industrial and military sector. The people of Kryturia became satisfied to a fully innovated government ready to plan out necessities.

Leader Collencze attacked at his Accommodation in Esteria, Kenetz (town)Edit

In the town of Kenetz of Esteria where the home of Collencze is established had been under attack by a group referred to as the Heir's from source, no one really understands the principles or purposes of the Heirs however it is understood they are a Guerrilla like Anti-Esterian group with no loyalty to any other nation. They seem to portray conservative principles and anti-socialist principles as their actions are vicious towards the regimen of Esteria. The home was attacked however had been a failure to the Heir's as the security team present and weapons that were provided to the Esterian security team had detered the threat. The accommodation security safeguard the home and the leader Collencze during the attack.