Independent Times Newspaper of 26th July 1960 (2014)Edit

Resistance base found underground in Kryturia!Edit

The Esterian Military on a black operation on the night of 26th July 1960 carried out a sabotage operation of the resistance group the Sylvanian Liberation Army, their base was then was bound with controlled explosives to sabotage the accommodation. The base was completely vaporized by the destruction. The Kryturian officials unaware of this incident had taken the opportunity to loot out the rest of technologies left within the base. The resistance had made no reactionary response, the Esterian Military had proven a show of extreme force that was enough to claim a superior position of the resistance organization. This was evidential to stating this was their central command accommodation. 

Branfor Arms emerges!Edit

A social-cooperative factory had been set up by Esterian citizen Alex Branfor, a loyalist to the Esterian nation set up his industrial settlement in the town of Kenetz, a town bound to the jurisdiction of Esteria. Kenentz was set up after the completion of the Metro Link. The production of arms however are very equalized as Kryturian and Esterian states are allowed to buy from the industrial company. The weapons company began selling battle rifles to the Esterian military at high prices for their renown strength and therefore becoming a trend within military establishments. Most sharpshooters have taken liking to the production of Branfor Arms SV-Rifles. 

Two more citizens had moved to Kenetz close to the foundation of the Branfor Arms therefore showing the attraction of security that provides, the citizens have made inquiry to the concern of the industry and now enabling the provision of employment to the citizens of Esteria other than just being recruited into the military.