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Rise in Esterian Military MembershipEdit

This week of events has been very active, the Esterian Military confronted Kryturian police at their homefront in regards to confiscating their weapons as a radical act towards the vulnerability of the regimes defense. The Esterian Military have been making significant growth in membership which even the Esterian Government find becoming an issue whilst being without manual labourers. However the introduction of martial law into workplaces, the addition of labour is being provided by the military as a form of duty to maintain their occupations instead of being left with an empty agenda. The growth has lead up to six-seven active service units (server is in a small playerbase at the moment), this being significant to the widespread populace. Their activities have been involved in primary labour inside of mineshafts that the Esterian Military have established for the growth of materials they require for their weaponary in purpose of defense and operations. 20th July of this year, 1960 the Esterian Military have been given independence in their operations under the command of Commissar Indigo Bearings, whilst still having to obtain their official orders from the Esterian Government. Indigo Bearings was made Commissar around 18th July, in which he has led a professional elite of soldiers within the Soviet military of Esteria.

19th July, The State Security Commission, Esteria's state militia or police force as rather to be called had been made active with the appointment of a professionally experienced individual by the name of Nikolai Lobschevsky as now known to be called Commissioner Lobschevsky. His work has been efficient in direct request for the requirements of his force in which he is comparable to the same performance of Indigo Bearings, two gentlemen of prestige. Lobschevsky has been hard at work in sorting out the Headquarters and takes into account that the citizens of the state require satisfactory work to keep them occupied and to aspire in prosper. The set up of report and logistics offices within the SSC has enabled Lobschevsky to hire workers who will be involved in the checkings of records, reports and the logistics of their armory and necessities. The SSC will also be involved in Social Welfare work in which they will have to keep accounts on the provision of foodstuffs to enable those who are refugee's or nomads to be provided with necessary essentials even especially the Esterian people in times of crisis in which the SSC will be looking after the Esterian citizens by providing them sufficient rations that technically shall not be referred to as rations as it is sufficient.

Kryturia under attack!Edit

18th July 1960, the Esterian Military came to the Kryturian lines to confront the Kryturian authorities in the confiscation of their weapons. This action was not without justification however. The Esterian Government had been getting reports of the inputs of Kryturian citizens arriving inside the borders of Esteria without any Esterian pass papers or passports. The Esterian government also found the individuals of Kryturian identidy to be as known as malicious persons. The Esterians took action and had the confisication of on hand weapons as a message to say "If you cannot maintain your own people, we will take what identifies your authority". In the midst of all the fuss, a reactionary organization with no name identified appeared from out of the blue, automatic weapons had been fired indiscriminately into both confronting parties in which the Esterian military made evasive action and pulled away from the Kryturian lines, Kryturian officials faced casualties to the attack of the resistance group, they had been carrying PKP Heavy Machine Guns, suppressive weaponary which had also inflicted it's shooting towards civilian individuals of Kryturia.