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Definition of: National Socialism (Nazism)Edit

National Socialism is derived from the principles of fascism, ultranationalism and socialism however National Socialism also appoints it's opposition towards Bolshevikism, Leninism and Marxism on Socialist ideologies therefore not of pure socialism. It had emerged officially through the early 30's in Germany in which became Nazi Germany. It's principles associate with a totalitarian state (total control over the lives of people) with the use of secret police, the removal of freedom of speech, and constant propaganda and indoctrination. It's principles extent to the idea of lebensraum (living space) of creating a large empire, extreme nationalism in which only the nationals of the country are provided privillaged rights and are treated as superior by the state, foreigners are either oppressed, deported or eradicated. Nazism has inherited anti-Semitism as a rhetoric scapegoat to get into power and also with the use of socialist policies in it's rhetoric to achieve power through the support of the majority of the people in the country.

In National Socialism, social-darwinism is taken into account in which the strongest is the fittest and will truimph, the weak shall die off. Forced assisted death of the old, the weak and disabled is known as euthanasia and National Socialism has practiced this policy in the past in noticable levels. It is an autocratic ideology that dissolves all democratic elements, it believes in a strong military and a strong perfected race of it's own. The education system within Nazism is altered to fit the believes of the state, anti-Nazi material is found to be majorly removed. Military education and political education that suits the needs of the state is only taught, religious education is removed as deemed unnecessary. Eugenics education is introduced by the state to teach a artificial lecture that the mixing of races can cause defects and that only the master race of the states fundamental base can only mix with itself as it is somewhat 'superior'.

National Socialism by leadership is ran by dictatorship, oligarchy and meritoracy. The resistance against these kind of governments are found to be very little as the informer state seems to portray a strong sense of paranoia and distrust in which resistance is repressed quite easily especially if the Nazi state is strong with special paramilitaries that the state creates. Youth under a Nazi state are completely regimented up until they are a young adult in which they are introduced into the military. The women under a Nazi state are made completely inferior and vessels to impregnation for the service to the state of increasing birth rates, women are seen as to be domestic apparatus in a Nazi state in which they shall serve only under the authority of the state and their husband. Intellectuals under a Nazi state would find themselves targetted and removed by the state either by torture and deportation which is highly unlikely, or death.