Definition of: MonarchismEdit

A monarchy is when the head of state is either a King or Queen depending on the claimant who granted the seat in the Royal Family bloodline of the country. An absolute monarchy would have absolute control over the country it is head of state in, a constitutional monarchy would co-exist with a representative government in which it's powers are limited. Monarchies are known to be the biggest landowners and rent collectors in their country and the Royal Family of the Monarch inherits vasts amounts of wealth from this. Monarchies were very prominent in times of fuedalism and now only pose a traditional conservative element of government as a method to boost tourism under capitalism. 

A monarchist however is a person of that country who supports the monarchy they live under, this is quite common among patriots and loyalists of the state. Patriots being proud of their country and dedicated towards it, loyalists being loyal to their country's traditional form of rule and traditional society. Most of these traditionalist political ideals are mostly refered to as backwards living and can inherit principles of homophobia, anti-women and xenophobia.