Militant Organizations, Resistance and Political FactionsEdit

This section is dedicated to the information of resistance and militant groups associated with the nations on the server and formed out of the conditions of the lore. These militant groups can be associated with allegiance to the state or against the state for their political goals. Resistance groups however play the role of not political goals of establishing their form of rhetoric but to restore liberty and democracy whilst in the period of being under a totalitarian and authoritarian regime, to resist conformation to legalistic laws and oppression. This provides information about their political agenda, their goals, their resistance purpose, their tactics, their history, their actions, their figures, etc. 

This allows for players to motivate themselves of getting range of goals set up in either passive or militant aggressive form to contribute events to the server, as the server does not want to plan events, the server wants events to happen naturally. Militant organizations can allow for terrorist events, resistance events of spreading anti-state messages, revolution, coup d'etats. Political factions can be parties that are repressed from any form of democratic power under the totalitarian era who attempt to spread their doctrine to influence a new agenda and to motivate their doctrines into a proletarian revolt. They can spread political literature, create anti-state posters and even create a manifesto. These are the opportunities that are presented by the roleplay fundamentals. 

Lists; Paramilitaries, parties and resistanceEdit

- Republican Liberation Front of Esteria R.L.F.E.

- Hera Soldiers of Indronzia H.S.I.