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Picture that portrays historical Imperial Britain

Definition of: ImperialismEdit

Imperialism is a country, nation or empires aspirations of conquest to extend authority over other independant countries to annex them, merging them into their Empire. Imperialism can consist of the slavery of the natives there or the purge of natives there to implement that nations own nationals as settlers on the occupied land. Regressive imperialism being defined of pure conquest is when that imperial nation carries out the atrocities to benefit their own nationals and selves in wealth, resources and land. The progressive form of imperialism is when an imperial nation attempts to expand it's influence of civilization to benefit those countries "so they say".

Imperialism with the invasion of a country can lead to divisions within the nation and create political splinters of defecting extremists of nationlists and conforming extremists of loyalists to the imperial regime. In nationalist terms of those victim to imperialism would refer to imperial presence as an 'occupation' and will refuse to recognize the states new authority. Imperialist countries establish their own military, government and police into the countries they occupy to maintain their authority and influence.