Definition of: AutocracyEdit

Autocracy is a system of rule in government, it is a dictatorially rule by one person or in a single-party state to rule by decree and authoritarian rule of supreme power. Other elements of autocracy can be martial law or a Fascist, Absolute Monarchist or Stalinist regime however these regimes don't need to be autocratic. Most autocratic regimes contain a high level of authoritarianism and usually contain total control policies. Most autocratic regimes form out of the dissolvement of parliament or puppeteering parliament and creating a law to rule by decree through parliamentry intimidation. Under autocratic rule there is no bureaucracy or commitee that keeps laws in check as it's an absolute dictatorial rule therefore no legal restraints whilst rule by decree is carried out which justifies how dangerous autocracy can be.

Elitist aristocratic nations require a power structure for them to be able to rule, therefore most autocratic regimes are anti-capitalist and probably lean to Fascism, Nazism or Stalinism. It is said that if there was to be conflicting debates between two nations at the risk of a war, an autocratic one would multiple the amount of violence as the outcome.