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===Welcome! The server was first set up in late June 2014 by (minecraft alias) thesuperguy350. His counterparts responsible for the upbringing at the start being Lilbren, SL_Unknown, Priest_Leonardo, SoldierIR10 (Me), vorox97, Craftin_Craft etc. The lore implemented to expand the background of the foundation roleplay element of the server has been articulated by the founding community and myself as the Lore-Dev.===


June 1957, the state of Esteria, a republic led by an assemble of politicians who are keen on rigging the elections, especially in a state of low internal affairs checks in it's judiciary and public services. The ruling class party, they being the neo-conservatives, the unofficial opinion poll on them around the districts showed it all, they were clearly hated. A country with heavy industry and a large working class was enough for a foundation of rebellion. The leading party officials of the neo-conservatives; Nver Glacian, Ista Gronza and Tozla Murick, all in reality were just wealthy embezzling elitists of the state. 

In the same year, the Republic of Indronzia is hit with an economic crisis, the banks handing out loans as if they were free candy as a primitive method to encourage capital in the sector of commerce led the state into a recession when those businesses failed to repay. Gross Domestic Production fell as loans were restricted to individuals and industries, therefore workers were made redundant, unemployment began to rise dramatically. Indronzia was led by an elitist Liberal government that happened to betray principles of how taxation was to be dealt with and how their economics should have been managed. The midst of this crisis led to rising support for the Ultranationalists inside of Indronzia.

Meanwhile in Esteria the neo-conservatives drew harsh taxes on the working class, handing business grants to manufacturers such as Kreftin Steel Co. and State Purpose Supplements Corporation. Companies that provided the state Gendarmeriewith high quality grade provisions of armour apparrel and military grade weapons. Their job was to protect the state and corporations. When Indronzia went into economic downturn, Esteria's top priority trading partner was lost. Indronzia produced necessary foreign imports to Esteria of foodstuffs to encourage the non-essential commerce market and also it's food processing industries therefore dragging Esteria down with Indronzia. As Esteria felt the same repercussions when mistakenly Esterian National Banks tried to bail out Indronzia National Banks in the process, it drove itself down into a stage of depression.

The Proletarian Party of Esteria (PPE) formed in 1927 as a paramilitary party, membership began to rise as jobs became scarce. The aristocracy was leading itself into a dangerous situation as the trickle-down economics they had been using as a quick solution brought living conditions for the working class to it's knees. Indronzia, a country with a lot of nationalistic pride were hit with the cut-down of their military personnel. The likes of ceremonial events funded by Eskravz (the government administration and building.) as miniscule of an issue it may be,  in times of growing depression the people of Indronzia turned to the rhetoric of the ultranationalists.  These were the foundations for two wide-scale revolutions. Members of the Esterian gendarmerie even had felt outraged towards the undemocratic government of Esteria. As PPE entryists sunk into the gendarmerie without check, they inspired influence of their manifest. The gendarmerie leadership therefore were subdued. The revolution in Esteria sparked as Esteria went to war against Navarozta over dispute of emmigration problems in Esteria when refuge was accepted in Naravozta in 1962. By 1964 Esteria had suffered the revolt in the midst of war from it's own troops and gendarmerie as rations depleted and the war not being entirely justified.

The move of revolt sealed an alliance between the New Socialist Republic of Esteria between the Libertarian Republic of Navarozta as the military disobedience to the state was recognised, removing the neo-conservative elitists from power. Indronzia in the year of 1962 had a general election that won the ultranationalists the majority in the Indronzian parliament and the legitmacy to allow them into power. It wasn't that had, these two nations were obviously unstable and were too blindsided to defend themselves from a violent or deviant overthrow. However the ultranationalists wanted to maintain their right to rule. The ultranationalists were referred to as the Indronzian Nationalist People's Party, they rose to power with the support of three fifths of the Indronzian people and the Conservative Party who were sworn opponents of the Liberal government. 

The Republic of Indronzia was then formed into the People's Republic of Indronzia in September 1963. The new titles were wrote and a new map drawn as the Socialist Republic of Esteria claimed over territories the city-state of Kenetz and Festera through the means of passive invasion. Indronzia doing the same with the town and nation states of Kovmovo and Stenskt. All through the means of passive invasion, these states could not fend off these forces therefore were in automatic submission. Esteria granted the old defected Gendermerie a respective place in the main authority of the state. The old Gendarmerie was then renamed to the State Gendermerie of Esteria (SGE). It was used to protect the Esterian people and to ensure there was no anti-state activity. When Soldier Collencze rose to the leadership of the state of General-Secretary, the state then grew totalitarian in it's actions.

In the present times, the states with the polarized ideals become tense and suspicious of each other. With only the fundamental resources left of the old establishments, they both stay inert to political discussions or military actions as they like-mind both plan on industrializing their countries once again after the destruction of the old establishments economies. The misfortune of this however is they have reached the era of the youth breaking from their old traditions into the new punk/psychedelic music generation which influenced the youth of this era to involve themselves in libertarian and anarchist protesting, taking drugs, setting up illegal concerts and gigs. A time of authoritarianism and the struggle for freedom. With the ill-prepared Esteria and the ill-prepared Indronzia, two nations in the planet that are significant, currently tense with each other as formerly confirmed. In the development of intelligence agencies to carry out around the back operations, the era starts off cold.

[It is now the year 1967, September. The planet is known as Astoren of alternative history. Closely relates to earth-based 60's known as the "Swinging 60's"]

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